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YES. We will partner with our Residents’ service providers to assure our Residents receive any care that is needed.

YES. We will partner with your Hospice provider of choice to ensure that our resident receives the needed care.

At ComfortCare Homes, we maintain a TRUE 6 to 1 Resident to Caregiver ratio. What do we mean by that?  Our caregivers are responsible for ALL aspects of the Resident’s care. They know how the Resident slept, how they ate and how active they are in any given day.  This knowledge not only allows us to tailor activities DAILY, but also allows loved ones and medical personnel a complete picture of their health.


How do we know it’s time to place a loved one with Dementia into long-term care?  This is a big question and there is no right or wrong answer. Here are some things to consider when you need to make this decision:

  • I continually worry about my loved one’s physical safety.
  • My loved one is combative and upset with me much of the time.
  • My loved one is incontinent, and I am unable to manage this need.
  • My loved one is not eating properly or taking his or her medications correctly.
  • My loved one can no longer manage his or her personal hygiene.
  • My loved one no longer knows who I am.
  • My loved one is forgetting to pay bills and isn’t managing his or her finances anymore.
  • My loved one has water or fire damage in his or her home from forgetting to turn off water or burners.
  • My loved one doesn’t keep the house clean or care for pets or plants anymore.
  • I am struggling to physically help my loved one into and out of the chair or bed.
  • My loved one is falling more frequently, and I have a hard time helping them back up.
  • My loved one thinks he or she can leave on their own but doesn’t always know the way back.
  • I am caring for my loved one, and it’s leaving me exhausted and not getting enough sleep.
  • My doctor has told me it is time.

Simply, no.  Although Dementia does typically affect people as they get older, most people do not develop dementia.

While dementia is associated with forgetting things, it’s far more significant than occasionally where you put your key, etc. People with dementia struggle with daily and weekly tasks like driving and their finances.  However, if you feel like you’re getting worse, then it is prudent to speak with your doctor.

There is growing evidence that leading a healthy and active lifestyle not only helps keep the body in shape but potentially the brain as well.  This includes not smoking, eating healthy, moderate alcohol consumption and controlling high blood pressure. It is also recommended to keep the brain active and challenged by reading, mind games and puzzles.

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