Some of us are early risers and some of us like to sleep in.  It’s no different for our residents at ComfortCare Homes of Kansas City.  With a staffing ratio of no more than 6 residents to 1 caregiver, our staff can cater to our resident’s personal schedule.  For earlier rises, the resident has the choice of starting with something as simple as a cup of coffee and a continental breakfast, or a full order of eggs and bacon.  There is not a scheduled time to wake up or schedule time for meals. Our kitchen is open 24 hours, just like it was when they were living in their own home.


We provide a range of activities throughout the day.  Our activities range anywhere from music, arts and crafts, planting flowers, exercise class, hand and foot massages, to singing and dancing.  With a 6:1 staffing ratio, it’s easy for our CareGivers to learn our resident’s personal likes and dislikes and base our activities on the individuals interested, abilities and needs.

Although we do schedule group activities, we understand our residents all have individual hobbies. Our goal is to make sure they can continue to enjoy their hobbies. We try to cater to each individual Resident so they are not only active, but enjoy each activity.